Hd500x vs gt 100 patches

Boss gt 100 custom artist patches by glenn delaune david. For the last 7 years i had pod x3 live,pod hd500 and till few days ago the pod. Mar 23, 2018 i own a gt 100, i dont use but to practice, i am kind disappointed with what boss came up with, gt, really. Boss gt100 vs zoom g5n vs line 6 firehawk fx the gear page. One cool thing is that it is able to handle up to 9 simultaneous effects to be chained. With 512 presets and endless ways to combine, loop, customize, and control your signal and onboard hd effects, this multifx unit is a sonic command center. So between the gt 100 and the hd500, which one has the better 70s tone. See below for more details about different effects and their usage, including a video which walks through and demonstrates the different sounds. First of all, friend, let me say that in the world of guitar multieffects pedals, two names are arguably regarded as the top contenders duking it out. Boss gt100 guitar multieffects pedal guitar center. The latest is the gt 100 the successor to the fouryearold gt 10. User interface is improved by a duallcd system, while ez tone has been. Just patch your gt 100 into your daw and your set to go. Boss gt 100 classic patches medley by josh munday duration.

Ive always been wondering whats better, if the hd500x or the boss gt 100. Rigtalk view topic line 6 pod hd500x vs boss gt100. This page contains links to download patches ive created using the line 6 hd500x multifx pedal. So only if you anticipate building very complex patches with multiple amps and a full palette of effects would i consider the hd500x. I have not even had to change any of the settings on any of the patches besides turning different effects on or. I use this live and it is almost exclusively my only clean tone patch. I have compared the quality of tones against the high end mega pedals and rack. Support for boss tone studio editorlibrarian for macwindows and new gt 100 version 2. None of those boards sounded great to me through an amp fender deluxe tube, perfect clean channel. You saved me more time then i can imagine of setting up my gt.

You can get some great tones with the hd edit just messing. The hd500 absolutely obliterates the gt 100 in terms of amp tones and cab tones. It has 68 onboard effects, 100 customdesigned factory patches and 5 amp emulators. Buy the patches through paypal and help the channel acquire new equipment to expand our work. Very versatile line 6 pod hd500x dual amp patch based on the blackface dbl fender twin and classa 15 vox ac15. The rhuthm guitarist in my band uses it another great processor is the new zoom g5n. Effects zoom g5n comes with a total of 78 builtin effects, featuring 68 dsp effects, 5 amp models, and 5 cabinet models. They both cost about 400 and i cant really find what the difference between those is. Thinking of getting a helix rack sometime this year though.

Boss gt100 vs line6 hd500 amplification and effects. Currently i have a focusrite 18i20 for io and im feeding a onkyo with some nice speakers and i have another output feeding a vox guitar amp. When i was indecisive of gt100 or 500x, i did a massive amount of research. On the other hand, boss gt 100 has 44 builtin effects. In fact, the database of unique patches available for me80 owners to. I didnt notice the cocked wah sound as much when i test drive the 100, but i never played it through an actual cab without cab sims, either. The software is similar to the line 6 hd500x, but this pedal has the tones and. As well as covering songs from 50s to the present day, i do a solo tribute to hank marvin and the shadows.

Or does anyone have any other suggestions for something small and simple like this that i could plug my headphones into and jam without pissing off the neighbors. The first set of patches were perfect for my playing style. Boss gt100 vs pod hd500 suhermanto harsono youtube. With my gt x processors i pretty much had to start every patch with a preamp eqcompgateeq setup to even start to get a good sound. The patches for the hd500 do not import directly into the hd500x edit software at this time. The gt 100 is a multieffects processor with 400 patches onboard, 200 of which are factory presets, with the rest available to save your own creations.

The 4 cable method allows me to use the true sound of my amp, while the gt 100 equalizes it out. Still, the effects are great and very usable to shape your guitar sound. Running a very close second to the hd500x is the gt100. Hd500 patches import to hd500x pod hd line 6 community. I really like the looks of the gt 100, especially the dual lcd screen display, and it sounds good from the videos ive watched also i played a boss me 70 and loved it, and heard the gt 100 has the same tones plus more possibilities. Which processor is better, a pod hd500x or a boss gt100. The patch has medium compression added and is my goto patch for clean tones, in combination with the neck pickup. Meet the new boss effects flagship, the boss gt 100. Boss gt 100 patches paypal buy now about 60 patches. Line 6 pod hd500x vs boss gt10 submitted september 4, 20. Metalrock sounds for readytorecord made by matias kupiainen. This is a comparison video between boss gt100 and line 6 pod hd500x.

I just bought a x3 live and am using a pyle sm58 clone mic for vocals into the yamaha g100112 amp the hd500x. On the topic of the hd500x i would also take a look at the hd500. The hd500x has a little more dsp processing power and has an updated look and switches. This time around boss is using a new dsp digital signal processing engine and has completely remodelled all of the cosm amps for the gt 100. Boss gt 001 vs line 6 amplifi fx100 i play by myself at home, at night, and at low volumes to keep the wife happy since im a fairly noviceintermediate player. Cleantone this is a clean patch using the hd500x s solo 100 amp model based on the soldano slo 100.

Connectivity line 6 pod hd500x comes with a complete list of connection ports. You can get some great tones with the hd edit just messing around with different amps and pairing them together. I think the church would prefer the hd500x due to cost. It also comes with 200 factory presets, and there are 200 userwritable preset locations. My main influences are david gilmour, eric clapton, jeff beck, tony iommi. In hindsight, i could have done just as well if not better with the lowly hd300, as the amp models are the same on all three models, and the 300 looks to be easier to use right out of the gate. You should really concentrate on building your own patches. I bought your first set for the gt and just purchased this new set. There is a workaround that i posted earlier, and is. I did not reference the other units tones when dialing things in nor the original track but simply tried to create a wall of fuzz. Pod hd500x screen protector home made and some patches for you. The hd500 does not you notice a massive gap when changing patches. The biggest difference i would say right off the bat is that the me80 is designed to sit completely in front of your amps input, like a pedal chain.

Effects and builtin features actually, line 6 pod hd500x comes with an impressive number of builtin effects. Gt100 vs hd500xboth have decent amp sims and effects, both have good signal routing capability, basically apples and oranges. This liveset takes the gear to another level and combines traditional amp tones with some special fx. Blackface 15 line 6 pod hd500x patch suggested price. Ive owned 5 boss multieffects floor pedals, but the last one, the gt100 left me very. Hi all, ive been looking into picking up a multi effects unit, mostly for recording with so mostly going di. There are, of course, unique strengths and drawbacks to each, but i think the title needs to go to line 6. Jun 27, 2012 that said, i havent used the boss gt 10 or gt 100, so keep that in mind. Pod hd500 vs digitech gsp1101 vs boss gt100 effects and. Ive used the gt 6, then the gt 10, and now own the gt 100 i still have all three too. Does anyone have any experience with either the hd500x or the gt 100 and do either sound half way decent.

Boss gt 10 patches will not instantly install into a boss gt 100, js10, or js8 which makes you have to manually enter in all of the boss gt 10 patch settings. Tonespatches are in a zipped folder, all files are in 5xe. Each of these patches represents a tone from a famous song. This is tedious because you have individually program every patches effects from scratch. This is a file library, you will need the librarian to use these patches. Ive always been wondering whats better, if the hd500x or the boss gt100. Boss gt 100 vs line 6 pod hd500x vs atomic amplifire 12.

Patches are stored four to a bank and all are constructed from a chain of effects blocks that can be placed in any order. Letthepraisesring this patch uses the brit p75 amp model which is based on the park 75 amplifier and is preset with high midrange eq, making it suitable for a live performance. I had pod farm with my x3live and the hd500x sounds blew it away. I also like the clean patches i was able to program for my solid and hollow. The gt 100 has nearinstantaneous patch changes you dont notice a gap of silence when changing patches. The gt series has been the flagship guitar processor in the boss product line for some time now and gets a serious revamp every few years with a new model. But i prefer the helix or headrush, because the footswitches have lighted labels, whereas the hd500x has a teenytiny little screen and footswitches that just say fs1. Seriously, with over 100 stomp and studio effects, 29 guitar amps, 29 guitar preamps, 16 guitar cabs with 8 selectable mics, and. There is a separate libaray for the v2 firmvare here. So i dont know which out of the four pedalboards in the title i should get.

Im into rockblues music mostly but will play generally lots of types of. May 24, 2016 spent almost 4 hours to get 1 or 2 good patches working to find out they sound great into my speakers and laptop but complete lollipop through my guitar amp. Ive been using it for months now and its much much better in terms of customisation and interface than the gt. Question boss gt100 vs line6 firehawk fx i am looking for an multi effect pedal and it seems like im going to buy one of the both mentioned. I have a boss gt 6 and i rented a boss gt 100 to try it, i dialed in a few patches i had previously created from the gt 6 into the gt 100, i didnt really notice much difference in sound on the identical settings. I see so much love for the hd 500 here on, but no sign of any boss gt 100 users. And with the boss tone studio software, you can now edit gt100 patches from a friendly graphical interface on your computer. Maybe if you dont want to answer based on term better you might tell me what you think about their differences.

Looks like im going to need to make separate patch banks for different things like amp, recording, and sort it by type of guitar ss,hh,hsh its fun. Two new amp types are included, along with cuttingedge mdp effects, an acoustic guitar simulator, and an improved rotary effect. Despite the low participation, the margin of victory was about the same as the other poll i posted. There are 4 patches in this minibundle that include the sound on sound effect as shown in the video and also a gilmour clean, glimour crunch and gilmour lead patch. Maybe if you dont want to answer based on term better you might tell me what you think about their differences resemblance. This is a comparison video between boss gt 100 and line 6 pod hd500x.

I dont think they will take over helix, what you guys think. Highend ampeffects processor with versatile and flexible tonal control capability. Hey guys, i thought id make this a separate post so that its easier to find for anyone who might be having some issues. Line6 pod hd500x custom patches by glenn delaune home. Hi glenn, your playing is incredible, your patches superb. The gt 100 ampeffects processor boasts nextgeneration amp modeling that recreates vintage amps and provides new cosm tones that soar into the future with the dynamics, tone and feel youd expect from a boutique unit. I ended up not using the effects loop on amp at all.

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