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Despite its somewhat disjointed narrative, oliver stones salvador is a vivid and powerful political drama that sets an early tone for the directors similarly. Tvboxshow watch and download new tv series, movies. I am not salvador, attaran, movie, film, man salvador nistam. Angela a brazilian woman misunderstood naser as her exfiance and this make a. Watch iranian persian movies online, download persian. I am not salvador 2016 directed by manouchehr hadi. Man salvador nistam salvador, bollywood, film, movie posters, movies, iranian.

Reza attaran, bri fiocca, mehdi mehrabi, yekta naser, rivaldo, carol vidotti, zhila sadeghi, sougal mehrabi, manouchehr hadi, man salvador nistam, i am not. Links buy from screen archives entertainment usa for the dvd go to the internet movie database laserdisc database buy posters from. Reza attaran in i am not salvador 2016 rivaldo and reza attaran in i am not salvador 2016 yekta. A heartbreaking love story set in tehran, in the midst of political protests and social distress. Watch i am not salvador man salvador nistam full movie online and hundreds of iranian films with english subtitles. I am not salvador, is a 2016 iranianbrazilian film directed by manouchehr hadi and produced by seyed amir parvin hosseini and mansour sohrabpour. Imvboxs profile was heightened over the summer of 2014, when it won appraisal from the iranian film industry. I am not salvador man salvador nistam princess cinemas. Very different in tone and content from typical iranian movies, this comic movie tells the story of naser, who goes to. Izadi were invited to brazil by an agent from tourism agency. This event is intended for uwmadison students, faculty, staff and union members and guests.

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